Now that you’re living low carb (or keto or low glycemic), you might be wondering what you can drink (besides water). Saying goodbye to fruit juice was hard. And nearly anything that is packaged for consumption seems to require extra sugar be added, which piles up the carbs and means much you used to drink will be off limits. Ugh.

Happily, there are some options that either don’t contain any sugar (ginger black tea unsweetened) or you can investigate drinks that use a sugar replacement (diet). There are quite a few sugar alcohol sweetened drink options if you’re wanting something flavorful and sugary seeming. The Bai brand makes a number of tasty drink varieties that are low carb thanks to the sugar alcohol erythritol.

Bai offers a line of carbonated soda-like replacements that feature very low net carbs which, using their proprietary sugar alcohol blend (comprised of erythritol and stevia leaf extract), nails the sweetness of soda pop while rather handily masking the sugar alcohol taste. I am saying these soda replacements are so well formulated that someone not on living low carb might enjoy them. The “Bai proprietary sweetener blend” is pretty amazing – in the soda selections you can almost believe it’s just your frenemy sugar.

Of the available Bai black soda flavors I’ve sampled, I most favor Kohala Kola and Colombia Cream.

Net carbs (less than one for a can!)

If you’re tracking your net carbs (total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols), Bai soda is going to make you happy – there’s less than 1 carb for a can!

Total carbs = 10g

total carbs 10g – Erythritol (sugar alcohol) 10g = 0 net carbs

low carb bai cream soda back of can

Only 5 calories per can, less than one net carb and full of sparkling sweet flavor – it’s even billed as an antioxidant infusion, featuring caffeine and white tea extract. Could it be claimed to be healthful?

Living low carb can present challenges, but thanks to the Bai black series I’ve been enjoying more soda-like beverages than previously.

Where can I get Bai low carb soda?

My local Fred Meyers has a decent selection – it’s worth noting you have to look for the Bai sodas within the main soda section.

low carb bai sodas - cola and cream soda cans

I’ve also purchased it from my local Safeway (in the Portland metro area).

Amazon can also hook you up with Bai black sodas.

And while I have not yet seen Bai soda at Costco, you can get the Bai infused drinks there. (uncarbonated, less sweet, similar macros/low carb)


  • everyone tolerates sugar alcohols differently – introduce new items into your diet slowly and with an eye toward how your body responds. I’d recommend trying each product individually and confirming your liking before purchasing larger amounts (I am reporting my experiences and preferences, which may not match your own)
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