We at Pork Banana jumped into the low carb diet “whole hog” – 3 months of keto living is how we got our start. That means we were aiming for 30 net carbs per day. I found it to be a brutal transition from my previous diet.

Nowadays we are living High Fat Low Carb (HFLC) which allows for a generous-seeming 50 net carbs per day. Granted, if we had not lived keto for months, 50 net carbs in a day would not seem any sort of “easy” – it’s all about context. Anyhow, we’ve been figuring out ways to stay in the HFLC zone while not making every single meal and meal component at home, by hand. (We still make a huge amount of our own food each day and would be happy to share some of our favorite recipes, plus tips and tricks)

One of the many food items I miss about before keto and before low carb are crackers. I loved me some saltines for settling the stomach. Or just enjoying a crunchy snack with or without cheese or other toppings. While pursuing keto macros (30 or less net carbs per day) I did not find any crackers that were viable. For low carb, though, I have actually found a few options that seem worth the carb cost to me.

My favorite low carb cracker option is Organic Sweet Potato crackers from RW Garcia. They’re USDA organic, they’re gluten free, they include flaxseed, sesame and chia. They cost about one net carb per cracker. So, 16 crackers would equal 16 carbs. Even on HFLC I don’t “spend” 16 carbs on crackers. However, 5 to 10 crackers (plus cheese or maybe chicken salad) seems like a pretty great use of those 5 to 10 points.

low-carb sweet potato crackers box


Net carbs (just under one per cracker)

Total carbs = 18g for 16 crackers/1 oz of crackers

total carbs 18g – fiber 2g = 16g net carbs for 16 crackers

low-carb sweet potato crackers back of box

While these might not seem like a great deal or the best use of limited carbs, if you check out other cracker options it turns out these are a pretty good deal for a snack.

Also, they are delicious – a little bit sweet and also salty. I usually eat them without any adornments – so I’m fairly likely to peel off any cheese and enjoy each bit separately.

Where can I get sweet potato crackers?

Your best deal – Costco. It’s a big box with two sacks of crackers within…

Safeway also carries this brand, at least in the pacific northwest area. (smaller boxes)

And Amazon can also connect you with sweet potato crackers.

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