While a low carb lifestyle usually means a lot less sugar and sweetness in your life, there are some decent sugar replacement options out there. If you’re interested in enjoying something sugar-like, one of my favorites is Lakanto’s monkfruit powered golden sugar substitute.

I’ve been using it specifically to sweeten warm beverages (bullet coffee, yellow chai), so cannot currently report on how it behaves during baking. (some sugar alcohols don’t hold up well to the oven – there can be issues with things not browning and a cooling sensation in the mouth can also occur depending on what’s being used…)

For sweetening coffee and tea the monkfruit mix is quite pleasing. It’s a sugar alcohol combination product that seems to have no aftertaste or any sort of cooling sensation in the mouth – this product combines erythritol and monkfruit. It’s mildness really stands out, plus the 1:1 ratio which means a teaspoon of monkfruit sweetener sweetens like a teaspoon of sugar. It’s really easy to use as a sugar replacement…

lakanto monkfruit sweetener golden

Net carbs (less than 1 carb per teaspoon)

Total carbs per teaspoon = 4g

total carbs 4g – sugar alcohols 4g  = 0 net carbs

lakanto monkfruit sweetener golden nutrition info


Where can I buy Lakanto monkfruit golden sugar replacement?

Whole Foods in the Portland metro area usually offer the golden version and classic (white sugar replacement).

Amazon would be happy to connect you with Lakanto golden monkfruit.

And I would also highly recommend their sugar free maple flavored syrup. Mix it into some heavy whipped cream and whip it into something delicious…


  • everyone tolerates sugar alcohols differently – introduce new items into your diet slowly and with an eye toward how your body responds. I’d recommend trying each product individually and confirming your liking before purchasing larger amounts (I am reporting my experiences and preferences, which may not match your own)
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