The Definition of Cock Block

Continuing on with our chicken themed posting, if you’ve read Watership Down you might think rabbits are pretty bad ass. However there’s a new sheriff in town y’all, and he’s got a posse of one, and he’s packin’ beak. We don’t tolerate none of that there horseplay in our yard.

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Start your day with a fresh egg!

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Pumpkin Carving- Proof of evolution

C’mon folks check out these amazing pumpkin carvings for Halloween. You better work on your chops or you will be seriously left behind! This great site has a nice tutorial with examples of the tools used and the methods involved in creating a great carve. There are some seriously mind blowing examples!

Villafane Studios- Pumpkin Gallery

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Zombie Pinup Calendar! Wicked hot undead chicks

Hot babes and horror go together like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and my belly. Here is a great calendar filled with scenes that show even zombies can be sexy.

Zombie Pinup Calendar

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Presidential Debate Re-Broadcast

In case you missed it here is a re-broadcast of the most recent presidential debate…oh wait, sorry this is the ORIGINAL broadcast…It’s like they simply inserted new characters isn’t it!

A tip of the banana to Jeb the Millionaire for this one…

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I’m not voting for Sarah Palin

I’m voting for La Pequeña Sarah Palin…

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Own your own B9!

“Danger Danger Will Robinson, Dr. Smith approaching!”. Now you can own your very own Lost in Space robot replica thanks to the officially licensed B9 Creations. I have to say, the big guy looks pretty damn good. Sci-Fi nerds rejoice.

B9Creations Lost in Space Robot

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Chainsaw Maid! She saws zombies dead

Swiped this off BoingBoing…pretty great little claymation video featuring a mountain of clay gore, and a super chainsaw wielding maid, who would make Bruce Campbell proud.

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Beware of the Idol

wow…this is simply the best 8 minutes you can waste today. do it.

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Let’s get high with the Lemurs

We all like to get high now and again right? Well this has to be one of the weirdest methods I’ve ever seen…The Lemurs and the giant gross bug.

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