So there has been a bit of talk over there in the great cold land of Russia about how we here in the US are headed down the path of civil war and toward a seemingly similar fate suffered there in the largest nation on Earth. Here is a link to the story provided to me by the Laughing Daddy himself who them proclaimed himself to be leading the charge to form our new Republic of Cascadia up here in the Northwest. It does sound pretty sweet, as we will have our own Sasquatch militia which sounds pretty formidable in theory doesn’t it?
I think this asshat may end up disappointed when his absurdist propaganda doesn’t quite pan out as predicted. While I’m not even entirely against the idea of distancing myself from many of the wackos of this great land of ours, you can take that map of yours that shows China ruling the Northwest, and bury it right up your frosty snow hole. This isn’t Russia pal, as much infighting as we have over here…we are still united as a majority in the end. We’ve made mistakes, however in case you didn’t notice, we (unlike Russia) are correcting our own mistakes, and have rallied to elect a leader we feel will bring about positive change. I’ve heard rumors you will be getting your KGB “president” back soon eh? Good luck with that.